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Sports Photography by Mikko Rajala

Using the images

All the images are copyrighted and using the images without permission is prohibited. 

Players and  team representatives

In exception the teams and players appearing in images may copy images for personal use and  publish images in personal non-profit social media channels with these terms:

Facebook and websites Credit with text © Mikko Rajala -
Instagram Credit with text Photo by (or camera icon) @mikkorajala
Twitter: Text is not necessary but make sure that the watermark in images is visible (don't crop) and tag me into image (@mikkorajala)

Players or teams may not give images to media or any third party representatives. If you are unsure, please contact me for more detailed information.

Commercial usage and media agencies

Gallery is a webshop where you can buy commercial licenses for images without watermarks. Smaller image size is mainly for digital and social media and high quality images are for print and other high quality purposes. Contact me if you need RAW-image materials.

Without separate permission photos has to properly credit: Photo by Mikko Rajala, or Photo by Mikko Rajala

Searching images

Most of the images have been tagged with player names. Try to search images with full or lastname. Other used tags are: team, crowd and  fans.

About me

I photograph sports mainly in metropolitan area in Finland. With my images I wish to develop sports culture, knowledge & awesomeness of different sports and of course memories for players themselves.

For more information contact me

Mikko Rajala